I am a web developer and graduate of the Full Stack Web Development bootcamp at Thinkful (December 2017). I love coding because it is challenging, fun and I stay interested because there is always something new to learn. When working on a project, I lose track of time because I am so excited about my vision becoming a reality.

When I am not coding, I'm often found at the rock climbing gym, skiing, hiking in the mountains or traveling the world. I work hard and give my all to everything I set out to do.



My 14ers React


A React app that allows users to track which Colorado 14ers they have hiked. The user can add all of the peaks they have hiked, view a sortable list of their peaks, edit the peak data, view the peaks on a Google map and see a dashboard summary of their progress. I originally created My 14ers as a frontend only jQuery app. This app is a new version that uses a React frontend and connects to a backend with a SQL database.

Technologies used: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Node & Express, PostgreSQL, Objection, Jest & Enzyme, Mocha & Chai, Sinon, Passport, Facebook Login, Google Maps API, Moment, Numeral, Lodash

Select the Dress


A server rendered app that will allow users to compare dresses they have tried on to help select the perfect one for the occasion. The user can upload images of each dress along with any additional information they want to use for comparison including designer, style, price, store and notes. The user can view dresses individually, compare two side by side or see all dresses and sort by rating, price and designer.

Technologies used: HTML & CSS, Pug, JavaScript, jQuery, Node & Express, MongoDB & Mongoose, Passport, Mocha & Chai, Sinon, Lodash, Numeral, Sessions, Connect Flash, Cloudinary & Multer

Simply Planned


A full stack react app for simple meal planning. The app will allow users to add meals to each day of the week. Meals can be as short or as long as the user wants and can include references to recipes or pages in a cook book. A grocery list is available for the user to start adding items they will need as they add meals to their plan.

Technologies used: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, React & Redux, Node & Express, MongoDB & Mongoose, Mocha, Chai, Jest & Enzyme, Passport & bcrypt, Lodash, Moment, Travis CI

My 14ers jQuery


A jQuery app that allows users to keep track of which 14ers in Colorado they have summited. The user can add 14ers to their completed peaks log, view a sortable photo list or map of their completed 14ers.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Lodash, Numeral, Moment


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